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To ensure all students at Southern California University of Health Sciences receives equal and fair treatment throughout their education, regardless of disability.

Examples of short term disability: mothers breast feeding, broken leg, etc.

Examples of long term disability: dyslexia, cerebral palsy.


SCU Promises to:

  • Ensure services for students with disabilities follows the student code of ethics set forth by the Association of Higher Education and Disabilities.
  • Serve as an advocate for student with disabilities to ensure equal access
  • Provide disability representation on relevant campus committees
  • Provide referral information to students with disabilities regarding campus and community resources
  • Provide consultation with faculty regarding academic accommodation and compliance with legal responsibilities as well as instructional, programmatic, physical and curriculum modifications
  • Provide individual disability awareness training for campus constituencies
  • Maintain records that document the plan for provision of selected accommodations
  • Determine appropriate academic adjustments consistent with student documentation


Contact Information

  • Samaneh Sadri, MS, PPS
Director, Academic Support Office
Phone: 562-947-8755 ext 512
  • Lori Argosino, MBA
Learning Specialist/Counselor
Phone: 562-947-8755 ext 459
  • Rose Anne Towers, M.Ed.
Learning Specialist/Counselor
Phone: 562-947-8755 ext 582

Information regarding student disability services:  learn about our mission, promises, and procedures including how to secure accommodations.


Services for Students with Disabilities and Forms:  in addition to information about our mission, promises, and procedures, review the student information and approval form - this is the form we will use to to finalize your accommodations.


Service and Assistance Animal Procedures and Forms: learn about our policies regarding service animals such as dogs and assistance animals including procedures and forms regrading.


Resources for Students with Disabilities and Contact Information:   review our disability definitions, accommodation examples, and campus and community resource contact numbers.


Student Release of Information Form:   individuals that would like us to release protected and confidential information may request so using this form.


Evaluator Review Form


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