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Make sure you are aware of all the marked exits from your area and building.
Do NOT evacuate unless:
  1. The fire alarm has been activated
  2. Danger is imminent
  3. Instructed to do so by emergency personnel
If ordered to evacuate, proceed to the nearest safe marked exit and when possible, proceed to your designated evacuation area. Keep walkways clear for emergency personnel.
If the exit area appears dangerous (smoke, fire, etc.), proceed with caution into a stairwell or safe area and stay at a landing or common area and call for help.
Assist persons with disabilities in exiting the building. If a person with a disability reaches an obstruction, such as a staircase, he/she should request assistance from others in the area. If assistance is not immediately available, stay in a safe exit area and call for help.
NOTE: It is suggested that individuals with mobility, visual, or hearing disabilities prepare for an emergency ahead of time by informing their co-workers of the best methods of assisting them during an emergency.
   Persons who are non-ambulatory:
  • Consult about preferred ways of being removed from a wheelchair, i.e. whether to extend or move extremities when lifting, being carried forward or backward on a flight of stairs.   
  • After-care - if removed from wheelchair (i.e. whether he/she prefers a stretcher, chair with pad, or medical assistance).
   Persons with Visual Disabilities:
  • Tell the person the nature of the emergency. Offer to guide him/her to safety.
  • As you walk, say where you are and advise the individual of any obstacles.
  • When safety is reached, help to orient the person and ask if additional assistance is needed. Do not leave them alone.
   Persons with Hearing Disabilities (persons who may not hear audible alarms and are in buildings that do not have visual alarm devices:
  • Write a note explaining the nature of the emergency. Include "Go to ____exit ______now."
  • Turn light switch on and off to gain attention, then indicate through gestures or writing what is happening and what to do.