SCU's Commencement Ceremony represents the culmination of a student’s academic achievement. It is a time to celebrate, reflect, and share joy in your accomplishments. 

Students graduating from their program during the following terms: summer 2022, fall 2022, and spring 2023, will be invited to attend an in person ceremony on December 16th via direct email. At this event, each graduate will cross the stage, have their name read aloud, and receive a diploma cover for their degree. Friends and family are permitted to attend this event. *Note: due to the on going challenges with the pandemic, this event can be altered from in person to virtual. You will be updated if any changes occurs. 

Details about this event will be posted here; on SCU's commencement website; and emailed directly to all graduates. If you have questions about this ceremony, please email

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Venue Details

Commencement 2022

Friday, December 16th 2022, 10 am - 12 pm

Hyatt Regency 

21500 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Your ceremony will be held inside just a few feet away/walking distance from the hotel. If you or someone you know would like to stay at the hotel, you may use this customized link to book a room. If you need assistance with booking a room, please contact the hotel directly at 714-698-1234.

COVID-19 & Mask Policy

Currently, Orange County does not require the use of masks. You and your guests are welcomed to wear a mask. Seating will not be 6 ft apart. 


Valet parking is available for $25.00. Self-parking is not available at the venue.

Attendance & Guest Information

All guests attending this ceremony must have a ticket. To be eligible to receive tickets for your guests, graduates must fill out this attendance form  to confirm their participation to the ceremony by Oct 15th at 5 pm. This will assist us with determining ticket allotments. Failure to confirm your attendance will mean you are not attending. Graduates choosing to participate in the ceremony after this deadline will not receive any tickets for guests but will be allowed to participate in the ceremony. On Oct 19th, confirmed graduates will receive a detailed Q&A form about ticket allotment, how to receive your tickets, and how to pass out your tickets.  


Yes! This event will be live streamed online. The streaming link will be released the week of the ceremony and can be viewed on any device such as cell phones from anywhere. Graduates will receive the link once it is ready.

Graduation vs. Commencement

What is the difference between graduation and commencement?

The commencement ceremony is held once a year at a specific location and time. It honors students who have either completed their program or will complete their program very soon. Participating in a commencement ceremony does not automatically mean the student has graduated from their program, which is why students are able to participate in this ceremony without completing their program/having final grades posted first.

The table below outline when a student is eligible to participate in the ceremony. Students may request an exception to this policy with the approval from the Student Services Office by emailing with your request and explain why you would like an exception.


To graduate from your program, each student must meet the graduation requirements for their program. This can include completing all classes with a satisfactory grade and grade point average (gpa). Students are required to petition to graduation via the University's portal by the end of the second week of the term prior to their final term. To access the petition to graduate form, click here or visit the Transcripts & Registration tab via mySCU and click on Petition to Graduate form.



Honor Cords & Stoles

To determine if you are graduating with honors, review the University honors requirements located in the University Catalog.

The Office of the Registrar reviews the academic records of all candidates for degree conferral. Students graduating with a 3.75 will be designated as having graduated with Honors. The cord is the color gold and are worn around the graduates neck during their commencement ceremony. We do not give out any other cords. All qualifying graduates will receive an email with pick up instructions.

If you participated in a club or would like to represent your culture, family, etc. by wearing a stole, you may do so by ordering them from any vendor you trust such as, .


University Valedictorian

The Valedictorian award symbolizes the highest award given at each commencement ceremony. The student receiving this award has achieved high academics; contributes to the growth and enhancement of SCU; has displayed dedication and commitment to growing as a leader, and goes above and beyond to assist others. 

The Valedictorian is determined once a year during the fall term. Program leaders including Deans and Directors nominate students to receive this award. Each nominated student participates in a 30-minute interview with a panel of 4-5 SCU stakeholders such as program administrators and faculty. Each interviewer uses a ranked scoring rubric confidentially. Once all of the interviews have been completed, the scores are revealed and the student with the highest combined score receives the award.

The Valedictorian is invited to give a speech during the commencement ceremony, receives a medallion with their name engraved, and a signed and framed letter with the President of the University. 


Each program will elect to give out unique awards to their students. The type of awards and recipients are determined entirely by each program. For more information about this process, please email your program Director or Dean. 

Commencement Ticket Q&A 

Only graduates who confirmed their attendance to the ceremony will have access to reserve tickets. If you have questions about our ticket process, links, or ceremony, please email

  1. How many tickets does each graduate receive? Six (6) tickets. 

  1. How much do commencement tickets cost? They are free.  

  1. How do I receive tickets? Use this link ( along with your SCU email address to reserve your tickets. You cannot reserve tickets from any other email address. Follow each prompt carefully. Once you complete your ticket reservation, you will receive one email confirmation per ticket requested. Ex: if you request 2 tickets, you will receive 2 separate emails. Each email has a unique QR ticket code which is what your guest must present at the entrance to the event.  

  1. What are the rules about guest names on tickets? We trust you to be professionals and write proper names for each ticket. If you decide someone else will receive a ticket, you do not need to change the name on the ticket. You can put any proper name on any ticket and mix them up. We simply need to scan the QR code on each ticket. Remember = one QR code per entry.   

  1. Does my infant need a ticket? Children 2 or older are required to have their own seat/ticket. 

  1. Is there a deadline to receive tickets? Yes! You must request your tickets by Nov 28th at 5pm. Unclaimed tickets will be made available to graduates requesting additional tickets. There are no expectations to this date.  

  1. I reserved 2 out 6 tickets but I want more, what now? Revisit the link above and reserve the rest of your tickets. Your tickets will be available to you until Nov 28th at 5pm.

  1. Do I include myself in my ticket reservations? No. Tickets are for your guests only. You do not need a ticket to enter the event. Please do not include yourself in your ticket reservations.  

  1. How does my guest present their ticket at the event? Each guest must present their unique QR ticket code at the entrance to the event. The email describes ways to present their ticket such as: print out the email or attach the QR code to Apple Wallet or Google Play. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time.   

  1. Can I give my ticket(s) away? Yes! This is the ONLY way to share tickets. The graduate will forward the email/ticket to the person they would like to give your ticket to. Ex: you would like to give 2 out 6 of your tickets to someone else, you will forward two emails/tickets to that person.    

  1. What if my guest forgets or loses their ticket? Guests with no ticket can wait until all ticketed guests are seated - this means after the ceremony has begun - and if there are any open seats they may enter. Please remember that the ceremony will start before additional/non-ticketed guests enter and they will likely miss the first 30 minutes of the event. 

  1. Help! I need more tickets! Pending ticket reservations, there might be additional seats available. If you would like more than 6 tickets, please email with the number of additional tickets you need, and you will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be first come (email) first serve. On November 29th, we will notify waitlist graduates if there are additional tickets for them. We cannot make any guarantees that you will receive a) additional tickets or b) the number of additional tickets requested. 

Remember – this event is live streamed! Everyone can watch. 


Do I need to submit a Petition to Graduate? Yes, this provides us with information on where to send your diploma and how you would like your name displayed on the diploma. 

How do I petition to graduate? Each graduate must fill out a petition to graduate. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into MySCU:
  2. Click on Students at the top
  3. Click on Transcripts and Reports on the left
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, under Student Forms, click on Petition to Graduate
  5. Questions? Email

What happens if I don’t submit a Petition to Graduate by the deadline? If you don’t submit your petition by the deadline, your name will be printed as it is recorded in the SCU system, and it may deliver to the incorrect address.  Additional fees may apply if a duplicate diploma is required because of an incorrect address due to the failure to submit a Graduation Petition.



Can I pick up my diploma? Diplomas are ordered by the Registrar's Office through Parchment Award Service and will be mailed directly to students 4-6 weeks after the grades post.  A digital diploma will be available before the arrival of the paper diploma that can be used for licensing or employment.

I just changed my name, can I have it printed on my diploma? Your name will appear on your diploma as it is recorded in the SCU Student System. However, you can submit a “Name Change” request to the Registrar’s Office.  This must be submitted before the diploma is ordered.  Name change requests may not reflect in the Commencement Ceremony booklet. 

Name Change requests can also be made for the addition/removal of special characters, lower/upper case corrections, or misspellings.

When will my degree post to my transcript? Graduation details will be added to the transcript after all degree requirements have been confirmed.  This process can take up to 2 weeks after grades post.

I am graduating from the Doctor of Chiropractic program; how do I submit my documents to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners? The Registrar’s office sends the CBCE a packet on behalf of the DC graduates.  It will consist of an official transcript, a copy of the diploma, Chiropractic College Certification with the breakdown of clinical hours, and a Verification of Pre-Chiropractic hours.  Please allow 3-4 weeks after grades post for the information to be sent to the Board.

For additional questions and information regarding Petition to Graduate, Diplomas, Transcripts, etc. send an email to or call 562-947-8755 ext. 190.



How do I order my regalia? To ensure your regalia is shipped on time, please order by order: Oct 14th 2022. Orders placed after this date, we cannot guarantee will arrive into for the Dec 16th ceremony.

Your graduation fee covers the cost of your cap and gown. All graduates participating in the ceremony must wear proper regalia. Follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Visit Herff Jones Regalia Ordering. Use this site only for regalia. Accessories will be on a different site listed below. 
  2. Enter Southern California University of Health Sciences into the search field.
  3. Select method of shipping (see below).
  4. Follow the remaining steps.
  5. Announcements are available for purchase.

Pick up vs. shipping guidelines:

  • Pick up Cap and Gown - no shipping cost to you - you will pick up your cap and gown from the LRC during designated days and times which will be released next month.
  • Ship cap and gown home - you are responsible for paying shipping cost - your cap and gown will be shipped directly to you.

Are cords given to graduates? Gold cords are given to graduates qualifying for honors. These cords can be picked-up at the library. Please email for hours of operation. No other cords are available for students to purchase.

Can I order additional items for graduation? Order graduation announcements, stoles, college ring, and other Herff Jones Graduation products designed for you by visiting

For additional questions and information regarding Regalia, the Commencement Ceremony, etc send an email to