Honor Cords & Stoles

To determine if you are graduating with honors, review the University honors requirements located in the University Catalog.

The Office of the Registrar reviews the academic records of all candidates for degree conferral. Students graduating with a 3.75 will be designated as having graduated with Honors. The cord is the color gold and are worn around the graduates neck during their commencement ceremony. We do not give out any other cords. All qualifying graduates will receive an email with pick up instructions.

If you participated in a club or would like to represent your culture, family, etc. by wearing a stole, you may do so by ordering them from any vendor you trust such as, https://collegewearinc.com/custom-graduation-stoles/ .


University Valedictorian

The Valedictorian award symbolizes the highest award given at each commencement ceremony. The student receiving this award has achieved high academics; contributes to the growth and enhancement of SCU; has displayed dedication and commitment to growing as a leader, and goes above and beyond to assist others. 

The Valedictorian is determined once a year during the fall term. Program leaders including Deans and Directors nominate students to receive this award. Each nominated student participates in a 30-minute interview with a panel of 4-5 SCU stakeholders such as program administrators and faculty. Each interviewer uses a ranked scoring rubric confidentially. Once all of the interviews have been completed, the scores are revealed and the student with the highest combined score receives the award.

The Valedictorian is invited to give a speech during the commencement ceremony, receives a medallion with their name engraved, and a signed and framed letter with the President of the University.