Commencement Ticket Q&A 

Only graduates who confirmed their attendance to the ceremony will have access to reserve tickets. If you have questions about our ticket process, links, or ceremony, please email

  1. How many tickets does each graduate receive? We will disclose ticket allotment in Sept

  1. How much do commencement tickets cost? They are free.  

  1. How do I reserve tickets? Ticket reservation link will be available in Sept. You must use your SCU email address. You cannot reserve tickets from any other email address. Follow each prompt carefully. Once you complete your ticket reservation, you will receive one email confirmation per ticket requested. Ex: if you request 2 tickets, you will receive 2 separate emails. Each email has a unique QR ticket code which is what your guest must present at the entrance to the event.  

  1. What are the rules about guest names on tickets? We trust you to be professionals and write proper names for each ticket. If you decide someone else will receive a ticket, you do not need to change the name on the ticket. You can put any proper name on any ticket and mix them up. We simply need to scan the QR code on each ticket. Remember = one QR code per entry.   

  1. Does my infant need a ticket? Children 2 or older are required to have their own seat/ticket. 

  1. Is there a deadline to receive tickets? Yes! We will inform you of the deadline in Sept. Unclaimed tickets will be made available to graduates requesting additional tickets. There are no expectations to this date.  

  1. I reserved 1 out of 2 tickets but I want more, what now? Revisit the link above and reserve the rest of your tickets. Your tickets will be available to you until Nov 28th at 5pm.

  1. Do I include myself in my ticket reservations? No. Tickets are for your guests only. You do not need a ticket to enter the event. Please do not include yourself in your ticket reservations.  

  1. How does my guest present their ticket at the event? Each guest must present their unique QR ticket code at the entrance to the event. The ticket email describes ways to present their ticket such as: print out the email or attach the QR code to Apple Wallet or Google Play. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time.   

  1. Can I give my ticket(s) away? Yes! The graduate will forward the ticket email to the person they would like to give your ticket to. Ex: you would like to give 1 out of your 2 tickets to someone else, you will forward one ticket email to that person.    

  1. What if my guest forgets to bring their ticket or loses it? Guests with no ticket can wait until all ticketed guests are seated - this means after the ceremony has begun - and if there are open seats they may enter. Please remember that the ceremony will start before additional/non-ticketed guests enter and they will likely miss the first 30 minutes of the event. 

Remember – this event is live streamed! Everyone can watch.