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SCU's Title IX Policies & Procedures (.pdf, 514K)

Here, you can download the University's official policy concerning sexual misconduct and discrimination.  The document is comprehensive and includes information on what resources are available to victims and how to file a formal complaint with the University.

Know Your Rights: Understanding Title IX for Campus Sexual Violence Victims (.pdf, 282K)
During October of 2014, SCU's Deputy Title IX Coordinator participated in a training put on by the Victims Rights Law Center.  The attached document is a quality summary of victims rights as they are related to Title IX.  However, in reviewing this document, please be mindful of certain key issues.  For instance, the handout is "generic" in the sense that it does not reflect California state law.  Additionally, the focus of the document is on victims' resources.  By federal law, SCU cannot be victim-centric concerning an investigation.  In other words, all parties must be treated equitably.  Lastly, SCU is currently updating its grievance process and disciplinary process to be more in line with the latest guidelines from the Department of Education; an effort that will offer our students a more clear and concise understanding of our policies.
California Senate Bill 967 "Student Safety: Sexual Assault" (.pdf, 814K)
On September 28th, 2014 Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 967; known commonly as "Yes means Yes."  This legislation shifts the burden of consent away from proof that sexual contact/activity may have been unwanted to proof that it was mutually agreed to. 
SCU will be updating its Title IX Policies and Procedures to be in line with SB 967 as part of the planned revisions already in being developed.
Student Policies and Procedures (.pptx, 3254K)
Student Affairs presentation covering academic integrity, sexual misconduct, and behavioral code of ethics.
Policy Manual Vol II Extract - Harassment (.pdf, 193K)
Rights & Procedures Concerning Grievance Process (Extract for Title IX Policy and Procedures) (.pdf, 269K)

Extract for SCU Title IX Policy and Procedures (2016) document

Taking Action Following Sexual Violence/Assault (.pdf, 259K)
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