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  1. Safely exit the building through the nearest clear exit. Do not use an elevator.
  2. Upon exiting the building, activate the closest fire alarm pull station if the alarm is not already activated.
  3. IMMEDIATELY exit the building and close any doors behind you. Assist persons with disabilities exit the building.
  4. Contact Campus Safety at x333 as soon as you are a safe distance from the building.
  5. DO NOT re-enter the building until instructed to do so and given the "all clear" from your building coordinator and/or campus safety officers.
If trapped in a room:
  • Place a cloth material around or under door(s) to prevent smoke from entering.
  • Retreat and close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  • Be prepared to signal from window, but do not break glass unless absolutely necessary.
If caught in smoke:
  • Drop to hands and knees and crawl to exit.
  • Hold breath as much as possible.
  • Breathe shallowly through nose, and use cloth (shirt or jacket, other) as filter.
If forced to advance through flames:
  • Hold your breath
  • Move quickly
  • Cover head and hair
  • Keep head down and eyes closed as much as possible
If clothing catches fire:
  • STOP, DROP, ROLL !!!!
Treat all alarms like a real emergency. Do not assume it is a false alarm!
  • Follow emergency personnel directions.
  • Walk - don't run - to the nearest exit. Alarm may not sound continuously. If alarm stops, continue to evacuate.
  • Use stairways for exit - do not use elevators. Do not push or crowd. Use handrails in stairwells and stay to the right.
  • If able, assist persons with disabilities.
  • Feel doors top and bottom for heat using the back of your hand. If hot, do not open. If not hot, open door slowly, and stand behind and to one side. Be prepared to close quickly if fire is present.
  • Notify emergency personnel if you suspect someone may be trapped in a building
  • Proceed to evacuation assembly area.