How do I create an event? How do I request assistance with attending an event? 

Hosting an event or attending an event is a great way to create unique opportunities that will promote engagement and increase knowledge leading to a more well-rounded and professional student. If you are a club hosting an event or if you would like to attend an event, your event must be approved by your club advisor first. If you are not part of club, your event must be approved by Student Services first. Anyone can request to host or attend an event.

Examples of events includes: asking someone to speak about a specific topic (i.e., speaker); fundraising; attending a conference or seminar; hosting a workshop; volunteering; etc. 

Speakers invited to discuss a specific topic or host a seminar or workshop must be pre-approved before creating your event. Speakers fall into one of two categories:

1. SCU speaker: these individuals are members of the SCU community. Ex: alumni, students, faculty, clinicians, etc. SCU speakers are usually pre-approved. However, if there are concerns with your SCU speaker, your event can be denied.

2. Non-SCU speaker: these individuals are not members of the SCU community. Ex: work colleagues, influencers, individuals you met through networking or website researching, etc. Non-SCU speakers must be approved by your club advisor or Student Services before creating your event. If you do not have a club advisor or if you are not part of a club, please email for further assistance.

Steps to receiving approval to host an event on campus or assistance with attending an event off-campus

  1. Email that you have submitted a request to host an event. This is an important step! We will not know you submitted a request unless you email us.

  1. Wait for a response which can include approving the event or requesting more information about the event. You may not host an event until you receive an official approval email from Student Services.   

  1. Email or with any questions. 

Steps to receive reimbursement for attending an event or hosting an event 

Clubs must always first use their club funds to assist with paying for events. If additional funds are needed, fundraising must be attempted. If both club funds and fundraising is not enough, a club may request ASB to assist with funding their event, including attending an event such as a conference or workshop. 

  1. Please fill out this form
  2. Next, email that you have filled out the funding/reimbursement form. A response can take up two-three weeks. 


How do I create a flyer for my event? 

A flyer is a great way to promote your club and events. You can create any type of flyer. Be creative and unique! Make sure your flyer is professional and easy to read. Send your flyer to and if appropriate, we may advertise your event via email to the campus. 

Social media is a great way to advertise your events. Use the stories function on Instagram to highlight your event and tag @SCUASB and @SCUHS for reposting! 


Questions? Email or